Sunday, June 6, 2010

Unveiled on KTVU

I am finally able to give full disclosure. If you've been reading my blog entries (here and here) about K, the son of a good friend of mine who has been imprisoned on charges of "being likely to commit a terrorist act" then you know the back story - and that I've been calling his father Mr. E.

His real name is Issa Fayad and his son, Tareq, is still in prison. I wish I could put the video here but you'll have to click the link - a KTVU news segment about the whole fiasco, revealing more detail than you've read here. It was originally recorded over a year ago.

Tareq is in a modern-day Japanese internment camp. People keep telling me that he isn't the only one being held on these charges on American soil. He'd have gotten more attention being at Guantanamo.

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