Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I got caricatured a second time!! Oh my God!! I LOVE it. AND I'm sitting next to Ian McEwan!! (Can I have a bite of your hamburger? Can I have your autograph? Just spit some ketchup on a napkin and I'll frame that.) This is from the weekend's Sunday Times in Britain:

I even get a little blue box like Stieg Larsson! I thought for sure you couldn't outdo the pink cat suit from last time -- but hello, IAN MCEWAN!

Times, you are AWESOME. Thank you thank you!!!

I have the feeling these are based on my British author pic - what Mike C calls my "Dame Ferraris" photo.


This is brilliant, Times, thanks again!!


  1. Congratulations, Zoe! Can't wait to read COV!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Kay! :-)

  3. I don't even have a Pier 39 caricature done of me! Totally Dame Ferraris all the way!