Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ok, Pilgrims

It's pretty damn embarrassing that a country that was founded on freedom from religious persecution should engage in this sort of thing:
"Not Welcome" sprayed on a sign at the building site of the Murfreesboro Mosque

But I guess it's not unthinkable for a country with things like this in its past:

Massacre at Wounded Knee

Our dark side's really showing with the Islamophobia lately.

Murfreesboro protesters, it's Thanksgiving, time to remember:

Commonwealth Club

For those in San Francisco, I invite you to join me in a panel discussion at the Commonwealth Club this Monday, November 29th, with Reza Aslan:

Bridging the Middle East and America Through Culture
Reza Aslan, Author, No God But GodHow to Win a Cosmic War, and Tablet and Pen; Contributing Editor, The Daily Beast

Wajahat Ali, Playwright, “The Domestic Crusaders;” Journalist; Attorney; Creator, Goatmilk: An Intellectual Playground Blog
Zoe Ferraris, Author, Finding Nouf and City of Veils
Najva Sol, Photographer; Poet; Co-founder, the Lowbrow Society for the Arts
In conversation with Laura Sydell, Arts Correspondent, National Public Radio - Moderator
American headlines about the Middle East often focus on terrorism, suicide bombings and escalating tensions. The mainstream media can create a massive American cultural blindspot around the literature, history and stories of the Middle East. A political commentator, New York Times best-selling author and an analyst on CBS News, Aslan is considered by some to be an American window to Islam. He is now looking to bridge the gap and share the best of the Middle East's literary leaders. Join the acclaimed author and contributing editor to The Daily Beast as he brings you the cultural luminaries from Iran, Pakistan, Morocco and Turkey and beyond.
Hope to see you there!

I am in a position to attest

That Siloism is in fact a beautiful movement.

I'm sorry for the passing of this remarkable man.