Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Cover Song

FINDING NOUF from Croatia
Bet you didn't know I was published in Croatia! Well, I didn't either until this arrived in the mail. I thought I'd signed a contract with Romania. Yes I may think I know something or two about the world and then a thing like this happens and I'm just that kid who once thought that hummus was waste matter. 

When you grow up in the army, there's one thing you do know - yes, even back in the 80s - someday we were going to have to kick Muslim butt. It was no secret then, but, who's kicking butt? Do you know? Please explain.

I love this cover. I love every cover but this one sings to me. It's beautiful, Ljevak Publishing. Thank you.

While we're in that general part of the world (geography gong), this cover got my friend Beth's vote for best HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL redux. From Russia with love:


Apparently this is typical of their style and it resonates with readers. Da, publisheriskies. Da. Любовь всё преодолеет. 

AND here's a real song in case word play disappoints you.

Hahahahaha!!!! I mean, oops. Who let them in?

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