Monday, August 10, 2015

The Hunt for the Pyxis Begins!!

I am extremely delighted to announce the publication (finally!) of my new children's book, The Hunt for the Pyxis. This is the first in the Galaxy Pirates trilogy, an adventure story for ages 9 and up. School Library Journal says that it’s “absolutely action packed…this first in a series will keep kids reading!”

I discovered yesterday that one young reader on Amazon wrote "I want to live in this book!" I think this is the highest praise a writer can receive -- thank you, anonymous 12-year-old, you just filled me with indescribable glee! 

The Hunt for the Pyxis is set in an outer space you've never seen before, where big ships ply the intergalactic waterways and the constellations inspire fantastical creatures. It evolved from a fantasy world I first imagined as a child. I think of it as Star Wars meets Patrick O’Brien.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the way books are made, publishing a book generally happens at the speed of Dutch Elm disease. But now, reading that book is just one click away! You can purchase it as hardback or ebook at Amazon and plenty of Indie booksellers. My favorites are Green Apple, Books Inc and Kepler's.

I also want to give a huge thank you to my agent at Inkwell, Charlie Olsen, for doing the impossible and actually SELLING the book. Another massive thanks to my editor at Crown Books, Phoebe Yeh, for actually BUYING it. You guys, this is still a miracle to me. Even more thanks to all the readers, family and friends who were involved in this project - or rather, who read the book countless times and then put up with me wanting to have conversations about things like the shape of a dragon's snout or whether or not Queen Virgo has children. I love you all.
On the night Emma Garton’s supposedly boring parents are kidnapped, she is forced to face the truth: they’ve been lying to her about many things, including the Pyxis, a mysterious amulet that holds the key to saving another world. Worse yet, her parents aren’t even from planet Earth.

To find her parents, Emma and her best friend, Herbie, must leave Earth and enter the Strands—the waterways of space, where huge galleons ply the intergalactic seas. But a journey through the constellations won’t be easy—not with evil Queen Virgo and every scoundrel in the galaxy determined to find them.

In this interstellar adventure, YALSA Alex Award–winning author ZoĆ« Ferraris transports young readers to a vast, magical universe filled with fantastical creatures, merciless villains, and fearless heroes.


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