Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ok, Pilgrims

It's pretty damn embarrassing that a country that was founded on freedom from religious persecution should engage in this sort of thing:
"Not Welcome" sprayed on a sign at the building site of the Murfreesboro Mosque

But I guess it's not unthinkable for a country with things like this in its past:

Massacre at Wounded Knee

Our dark side's really showing with the Islamophobia lately.

Murfreesboro protesters, it's Thanksgiving, time to remember:


  1. You have a strong voice. Freedom of religion is important even when it is hard. But as your post points out we sometimes fall short of the lofty goals we were founded on. I'm from Missouri and we have an ugly history where the Mormon church is concerned. But that's not always how the locals tell the history.

    I recently found your book "City of Veils" and although I have only gotten through about 8% of it I am completely hooked. I can hardly wait to finish it and start "Finding Nouf."

  2. Wow, thank you! And thanks for stopping by.

    Yeh, Mormons and Missouri, I've read about that but would need a refresher - and I believe you when you say other people seem to need one, too.

    I hope you enjoy the books!