Sunday, September 12, 2010

Food Fight

This article was making its rounds on Twitter recently. A Saudi man divorced his wife because she failed to put meat in his sambusas. She put cheese instead. According to the article, "he beat her up, divorced her and kicked her out."

I guess Emirates 24/7 was having a slow news day.

I hope you're not thinking that this is a culturally specific event. The only culturally distinguishing feature of that story is the cheese sambusa, because you know the Kentucky man who went postal over breakfast this week was eating eggs and hash browns. Instead of beat/divorce/eject, he grabbed a shotgun and blew his family to bits before turning the weapon on three innocent neighbors -- and then, predictably, himself. He killed five people total, which in my opinion qualifies as "news".

And there's no sense in arguing that THAT is a culturally specific event, because here is a Saudi man who -- distraught over marital problems -- went on a shooting rampage and killed 12 people. There's no telling what he had for breakfast.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you eat.

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