Friday, May 7, 2010

The Universal Symbol for...

This just cracks me up. Muslim country signage, what are you saying? The best I can figure, going clockwise from 0700 is:

No smoking
No men in capes
No couples holding hands
No pacemakers (Or perhaps: no t-shirts with big red circles and a slash on them? Oh, all t-shirts.)
No cleavage
No touching women's asses
and in the center: no beer!!

If we had a sign like this on a street in America, I'm thinking it wouldn't be that different. It would say: No smoking. No nudity. No dogs. No dog shit. No parking. No touching women's asses. And no alcohol in open containers. And of course:


  1. Yikes!!!


  2. Amazing sign! Do you know where it's from, exactly? The t-shirt one is a mystery indeed. The 'no capes' one is probably 'no see-through dresses'.

  3. Ah, yes -- 'no see-through dresses'! There is actually an injunction against form-fitting clothing in the Hadith, maybe it's that too. I got the sign from a website about a clampdown in Dubai.